Wednesday, April 04, 2007

the subtle flavours of the nights incense
made to drown you in embrace
wearing the chains of redemption
all around your head

i want to crown you with laurels
and take you
to the brothel
to show your dark blood
to the kindred of the clan.
the abysses of your eyes
rise like the moon in a pale sky
they catch the glimpses of cynical men,
dressed in dirt and rags

the light sheds its skin around you
your jewels,
lucid tears and angel song
frozen like frost in a scarlet night.

He stole your book of enoch
and plunged your sheath in his heart
while you looked down drifting from a cloud in heaven
keeping your thoughts inside.

A glided chariot passes
it rides towards an ancient land and
you made the wolves sit quiet
in an echoing night

your sire drove his crucifix
and earth corroded your precious feet
like gentle doves,
rising melancholy,
in your wine of blood of song from which
jezebel drank.

the sunken sang
for lineage runs like madness beget.
vempire poetry

the devil's lair
filled with thyme and weed
withholding the spirits of the enraptured and damned
darkness playing upon this pool of madness
sharing in insane play

the devil lept towards his fall
sharpening his teeth on defiled flesh
the stench of corpses streaking the air

the chalice floats filled
with the blood of innocent core
ravished by the dark keeper

His beauty rushed into the sea
condensed into tears to call
his drowning progeny who held hands

For a moment his fear was lost
before the waves of his body tossing
in lucid rays of the sun,
a bloody tear drop.
January Night Poetry

He impaled you with tender wisdom
infused with the madness of ill gain
towards the light you danced a death frame
hanging like your childhood swing.

In droves they fled the city
their footprints indented in the sands of time
you sought desperately in your hourglass
a fragment
of dark vanity

Now fly raven,
towards the haunted
for the golem sits and waits in stone.
carved by the craftsmen
the veins planted creep on legs
choking your fragility

So you spat like the witches who wept
into their cauldron
stirring up death passion
that drove you to the fall
dying into the first light of autumns arms
we laughed like kindred falling
into the hubris of the sun

Sexy Computer

Sexy Computer
your fingers key
I want to byte you
hack you
Make you crash