Tuesday, August 08, 2006


A chat with the cool dude behind 50 Wtkm about bestfriends, the love between a man and his cat and the supremacy of satan.
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1) Tell us about 50 ways to kill me, how it all started, the direction the band is taking and lineup changes if any. I know you are currently playing by yourself. Why is that so? Have you ever thought about adding more people to the band?

50 Ways To Kill Me started when i was at my friends house making songs on the computer. I originally just made a couple songs to make my girlfriend laugh and there was nothing more to the band than that. but we broke up and i kept making music. when i first started out, the line up was me on vocals, a cd player with the instrumental tracks i had made, going through the PA system, and a guitar player and a bass player. they got sick of learning songs i wrote and they wanted to make their own music so i made the band a one piece. i have been a one piece band for like 4 or 5 years now but i hope to soon one day find a band. i'm trying to organize that but am having problems with good drummers. i'm a pretty good drummer and have a kit but i need to sing. so untill i have a band i will just make recordings myself. and for the live show it's just me screaming over a cd player.

2)How does your live sets translate, being the only person on stage. What kind of vibe or message do you try to get across at your sets? Why do you play naked at some shows? Has anyone every tried to pick you up? or thrown anything at you on stage? Is the nakedness itself some sort of statement? =)

at a 50 ways to kill me show anything can happen. once my music starts, my brain changes into a mode where i dont care what happens. i have so much anger inside me and it all comes out on stage. I have thrown chairs, lit fire crackers or smoke bombs, burned bibles or flags, put things in my ass, slammed the microphone into my head leaving big bruises and shedding blood, fucked inflatable dolls, cut myself, rolled in garbage, and a few other things. I do these type of things because it's what i would like to see if i see a band, so in that case i have no right to provide anything less, right? i just want to be a good show, if i have the balls to do something, then it is a complete waste to not do it. however, there have been shows where i just sing the songs and do nothing extreme at all. if you go to a show it's like a gamble and it all depends on what kind of mood i am in. also, in society, everyone thinks nudity should be sensored. to me, a vagina or a penis is no different than an arm or a leg just because it is used in reproduction and sex. i don't understand what the big deal is, but since everyone seems to think it is, i might as well show my body. i have no shame in it whatsover. everyone is nakid underneath those sweatshop-made clothes of theirs.

3)What was your childhood like growing up and what and who has been lasting influences in your life? How do you feel about your home country of American and what kind of experiences and mindset has the culture and society in America shaped you to be?

I wish i was still a child, the dumber you are the more happy you are, so if i was a kid i would be dumb and i would be happy. think about it. animals in the jungle are happy. mentally disabled people seem pretty happy. i want to be young again, i want to be dumb so i can be happy. the more i know the more i am pissed off. i wish i didn't know how currupt and evil the United States government
was. it's all i think about and it makes me a very sour, cruel, person sometimes. This is a horrible contry responcible for lots of horrible things. I'm not proud to be an american, and if i was young i would be happier because i wouldn't know that the red on the flag reprezents blood shed by our soldiers out of greed. fuck greed, i don't want anything i can't get for free. i don't have any money and i don't care either. america sucks, white people suck. i'm white, i'm american, and not
proud of both.

4)How many ways are there to kill somebody and why do you in your songs try to get some one to kill you? What is your perspective on death and does death and decay have a fascination for you?

there are 50 ways to kill somebody. suicide is something i think about every single day. i don't have much to live for. the one big thing that stops me is the thought of my beautiful mother crying about it. i can't make her cry. as far as death and decay, i wish i could see more blood and gore of the people that actually deserve it. i'll often look at gore websites but not know the story behind
the corpse so it is boring for me. i want to see CEOs of big corporations get into car accidents. I want to see the pope fall down a flight of stairs and break his neck. i want to grind a cops face into a chainsaw. that would be entertainment. but any random death or gore i can't appreciate. Lots of people don't deserve to die unless they want to. i love my friends. i love my friend Tim.

5)Please give us a sample of one of your favourite lyrics from you songs?

"one with the forest, one with the sky, i was put here for a reason, i was put here to die. one with the earth, one with fire, i'm the chosen one, and death is my desire. one with satan and with satan from the start. behold the rising pentagram as fire fills my heart. i'll meet you at the alter and we'll sacrifice a nun, as thunder fills my soul pass me the loaded gun"

thats off of a song on an album called "legalize suicide" which is not out yet. look foward to it, it will be the band's best stuff.

6)Tell us about your sense of humour and what is funny to you.

i love jokes. i laugh when i am with my best friend Tim Mertz. we like to cuddle too. most people

would think it's gay but we don't have girlfriends anymore so we cuddle eachother to survive the cold new york winter. we do not care what others think. i also get humour in going out and causing chaos. me and my friend jesse like to go through a fast food drive through and throw things at the lady at window. my friend george likes to take a fire extinguisher and use a tie-wrap to keep it on
and set it off inside a fast food restaurant. everyone must evacuate the buildings. no more customers for the rest of the day. this type of thing pleases me, and is funny to me. i also love to make prank phone calls.

7)What kind of pranks should we do to be a threat to society? What are your influences in the way of (disrupting the status quo)

you must use your imagination. society is shit. we must destroy everything and start all over. Blow up places and regrow the forest. in the last question i had given examples of what you can do to be funny, but as far as activism goes, you must get militant, leave no finger prints. i won't mentionwhat to do. you know what is right.

8)You are a vegeterian, tell us about that choice and about your cat Sammi. (You wrote a 13 minute song about her)

i haven't eaten meat in about 6 years. i believe that if i can survive without having to kill animals than why should i? fuck the meat industry. i must admit though, i hate the vegan bastards that think its right to kill a butcher or preech to everyone. if everyone wants to eat meat and get cancer from it, let them. i think it's bad to eat meat and thats it. i believe everyone should do whatever they want. no laws. if you like to eat carcass do it. i do think everyone should live as close to freeganism as possible. to know what freeganism is check out a website, the address is http://freegan.info

as far as my cat goes, she is the love of my life. but the love between a man and a women is different than the love between a man and his cat. the 13 minute long song i wrote about her isn’t for the band 50 ways to kill me though, it is just something i wrote because i wanted to make a song about how i felt about her. she is a big part of my life. i am obsessed with the cat. she is my other half. i am the human half and she is the beast half, together we are one with nature. i eat
vegitables and she eats meat. we are a team.

9)How have you been coping, reacting or taking the violence that has been occurring worldwide in the forms of genocide, war and pollution. What do you think about the protesters and the rallying against the war, it seems hard to make people sit up and realize what Bush is doing, the recent

votes showed as much...since you live in New York, how has the vibe around changed?

protesting works if you are militant enough. don't get arrested though. i hate cops. cops beat up protesters. i want cops to die. the whole voting this is messed up. the bastard republicans are going to win. bush stole the election again. it's something i could talk about for hours but i'm so fucking sick of talking about it with people. bush stole the election. bush is a nazi. i don't like nazis.

10)Tell us about your most memorable show, and what makes a show really special for you? Also your favourite and least fave place to play. Where in the world would you most like to play at, and which band would you most like to play with..why?

my most memorable show? thats a tough one. this is too hard to answer. good question!! i played a festival once and sold about 250 cd-rs. now i am famous in my local area. i played out in ohio at a brutal park. all of my shows are memorable! i love them all !!! my favorite place to play is a place called Saints & Sinners. They are closed down now by police but they were my favourite place because they let me do whatever i want. they let me do crazy things because lots of people come out to see my show so i make them lots of money. i dont ask for money in return because i do not care about money. the band i would like to play with most is Costes because his live show is cool.

11)You are an atheist (can i tell anyone?) so what is atheism, and how do you believe the world came about? Any spiritual explanation, good and evil? Evolution?

i love satan and will worship satan till the day that i die. do you know what satan is? satan is a fictional character i use to piss off christians. like i said, i will worship him forever and what I use him for. heres my spiritual explanation, the only god is me. good is my mother. good is sex and love. good is understanding. evil is christianity, evil is george bush, evil is corporations, evil is the police. evolution is real, we all came from apes. other creatures from planets other than earth may have reproduced with us monkey-like beings in order to make the people that exist today.

12)Your favourite bands and the top five of the past year.

My favourite bands are the ones i am in. i listen to too many millions of bands from every genre. A good grind band is your band, fallen world !!! i can't name favorite bands that came out in the past year because most of the bands i like came out really long ago.

13)You are a bit of an artist. What kind of images most touch you and who have been your major influences in your creation? How long have you been painting/drawing?

been making paintings since about 1993. my dad is a painter so i learn from him. he is my big influence. i like to draw sex and cartoons too.

14)What is the current NY scene like?

there is a local punk band i like called endangered feces. some other cool local bands include death mold, disassociate, optimus prime, and more.

15)Besides 50wtkm, you are also involved in your cybergrind project Cranial Rectosis and play drums for several other hardcore and punk bands. Tell us about it.

i play in some punk bands and some rock bands too. i was also in cesspool treatment for many years playing drums. i love grindcore and goregrind and cybergrind so i started cranial rectosis. the

website for it is http://geocities.com/cranialrectosis666

16)Have you ever crossed dressed while playing live?

i have worn fishnet stockings. i will cross dress one day on stage but untill i do it is only in the privacy of my own home. just kidding, i do not own any girls clothes.

17)Tell us about your upcoming releases and projects.

my debut solo album entitled "my dick smells" is going to be a 13 minute long song about how my dicksmells. it's coming out on fecal matter discorporated. check out http://fecalmatterdiscorp.com on the internet. even though 50 ways to kill me is my most popular band, my most serious one is orgazmatron. check out the website at www.orgazmatron.cjb.net, thats spelled with a z, not an s. i
have too many band's to name.

18)You met GG Allin's brother, what was he like? =)

merle is a great guy and i've met him a bunch of times but it's not like he knows my name or anything, or about 50 ways to kill me's existance. next time i see him i will give him my cd maybe.

he is a really nice guy.

19)Last words, shoutouts, anything you would like to add?

my last words are this... i have done a few interviews and most of them suck. they ask the same old boring questions, the one i did before this one was horrible! but you have done a great job. You asked lots of good stuff and i hope my answers were decent too. thank you very much for doing theinterview. i hope fans reading this are not shy to ask anything that may have not been covered. i
hope people reading this that have never heard of 50 ways to kill me learn about it and get into it and check out www.50wtkm.cjb.net, get a 50WTKM tattoo, everyone has it. a tattoo is the only thing on earth no one else can take away from you shoutout to killme kids around the globe. we are the suicide family. we wish we were dead, we don't give a fuck. we're depressed so fuck us. austa pasta.

20)Contact details etc..

i'm not a rockstar so you can contact me at 50waystokillme@grindcore.net or on AIM or MSN.
fans can write to me and buy my releases for the non-profit price i have or to trade for things.