Monday, December 18, 2006

thanks to rat (1/2 of vandals in us), hakim and nadra,
and the lomokids, suzi and wak from segamat,
and all those who came and participated in the show,
was an honor to be in it!!

got invited to exhibit at rantai,
was a really fun event over the weekend of 16-17th december,
with indie art, photos, bands, merch, film screenings,
discussions and all things arty!
check out

pieces at rantai..

you, me and a snake

lomo gallery and rahmat

my lomos

el broko... :)

self potrait and the artist

wayang kulit by the kids

one of mine

grrls under paintings

watching people passing by

didgeridoo ghetto at their stall,
behind them a lovely mural on the wall of lost generation space

hakim's cool graphic novel style..

one of my favourite paintings of the exhibition,
but not sure who the artist is...

another installation piece....
this one had cool music blasting out of it for 2 days..
good job guys!

nice bangkit?

purple haze

the whole shebang

panoramic view

more details to drive u nuts

detail of painting

a collaborative effort of Rat and I
= vandals in us
stencil and painting on cloth :)