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Saturday, February 16, 2008

Opening day of our group exhibition 'the unknown' at
Raja Ahmad's gallery. Artists Aisyah, Avroco, Meme,
Haslin, Rahmat Haron, Farhana, artist cum curator Seihon
and yourstruly had a rocking time. One of my pieces using
collage, Accidental Prose and Other mishaps

Receding off the Radar

Polaris Kaleidoscope

Recurring dreams of entrophy

mind portals

New works on paper..
pencil on graphite,
door to the river

The Bangun Abandoned Project held in the abandoned houses
next to Lost Gen. Rahmat and I came up with an installation, an altar
as an offering to nature.


The Tapai (Rice-wine) drinking session,
an essential experienced. The hosting villagers
were Dusun.

I found some of the warmest and most welcoming people in the village...
in Sabah, it didn't feel like I was in Malaysia.

Little piggies running free

off in beautiful Sabah...where nearly all is green =-)
on a mission with Yunus as his assistant, voter's education
pilot program